Reader Reviews of Death by DNA

Great medical-legal procedural!  Highly suspenseful with several interesting plot twists. Sympathetic, yet balanced characters. A real page turner, with disturbing suggestions about the realm of infertility treatments and realistic depictions of the moral dilemmas facing criminal defense attorneys. An excellent read for those drawn to mysteries infused with medical issues and courtroom drama.

A great read! This book entertained me as well as …  A great read! This book entertained me as well as made me think a lot about ethical issues with genetic engineering as well as the legal tactics used in the trial that is central to this story. The courtroom drama was amazing and kept me reading well past my bedtime. Finished the book in two days and led me to do some of my own research into our current ability to genetically engineer our own offspring – all very interesting…

Fast Paced and Enlightening  Right away I was hooked on the fast paced fascinating and unusual plot encompassing the developing science of genetic engineering and the ethical questions that arise. Shaw presents complicated issues made understandable and interesting by his characters; not just the “knee jerk” political viewpoints of the subject.