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Before the Big Bang?

the big bangWhat existed before “the Big Bang”? (I don’t mean the TV show.) Was the Big Bang the beginning of everything?  How is that possible?  We know that the Big Bang occurred about 13.9 billion years ago.  What about one second before the Big Bang?  Was there even time before the Big Bang?

Many cosmologists  wonder what will happen to our universe in the future.  Will it keep expanding forever, or will it contract and end in a “Big Crunch”? That is indeed interesting, but I want to more about how it all began.

Any thoughts about this?

Guinea Pigs and Designer Babies

IMG_2066Our family just “ordered” a guinea pig from a breeder.  Female, short hair, tri-color.  She should be available for pick up in a week or so.  I know, we should have looked in a shelter or checked with our neighbors, but this was just way too easy.  Pick up the phone and order the cavy of our dreams.

What if we could do the same thing with human babies?