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The Best Memory Tip for Studying?

A+The best memory tip for studying for an exam?  Retrieval practice!

Have you ever walked out of an exam thinking back on a difficult question that stumped you and then you remember the correct answer no more than 30 seconds later?  Frustrating, huh?  The right answer was somewhere in your brain, which means that you had studied the right stuff, but you just couldn’t get it out during the exam. Ahhh!!!

How can you avoid this in the future?

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The Small Stuff Matters

Lecture HallThe small stuff matters in college (and life).  It really does.  For example:  Sit in the front row.  You can apply this advice literally (and figuratively) in college, as well as in the rest of your life.  Some reasons to sit in the first row in college:

  • You can see the board/screen better
  • There are fewer distractions
  • You can see the professor better, and she can see you better
  • You are more likely to get to know the professor
  • You are more likely to raise your hand and more likely to get called on when you do
  • It really is easier to pay attention