Death by DNA — John Shaw’s Debut Novel

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Death by DNA is a gripping courtroom drama about a young mother charged with killing her own baby. In a tale that tackles fundamental questions about the genetic bases of human behavior, Death by DNA challenges conventional beliefs about moral and legal culpability.

Sarah Wong is an ambitious lawyer representing Lexi Conway, a teenage mom charged with killing her infant daughter. Lexi’s case is troubling for Sarah, not only because she must defend a client charged with an unspeakable crime, but also because she has been trying desperately to have a baby of her own.

In her all-out quest to win the biggest trial of her life, Sarah devises an ingenious, groundbreaking defense for her high-profile “baby-killer” case. At the same time, she also faces a frightening personal decision: Should she and her husband agree to a risky, experimental genetic engineering procedure that will give them the baby they’ve always wanted?

Throughout Death by DNA, Sarah grapples with many personal and legal dilemmas, and eventually a startling discovery changes everything.

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